PROVEN RESULTSPower Tune Oil Treatment and Power Tune Fuel and Injector Cleaner forms an unbeatable duo that no engine should be without. We developed these products to aid mechanics and vehicle owners alike. Their unique blend provides a myriad of benefits that are currently unbeatable, but don’t take our word for it: let’s hear from past customers.


The POW-R Tune fuel treatment and the oil treatment were just what my car needed. My 2008 Ford Escape with 225,000 miles, began making a ticking noise. After describing it, you said it was the lifters and suggested I put the oil treatment in, run the car for a couple hundred miles, change the oil and install it again. I also put in a bottle of the gas treatment. The car has purred ever since. I have recommended the product to all the superintendents in the field as well. Thank you so much! I can get another 100,000 miles out of my car.



I have been using the POW-R TUNE products that you introduced me to for a little over a year now and I would like to share some of the results that we have experienced with the vehicles owned by our family.

We first treated our 1988 Toyota Cressida with POW-R Tune right after a tune up and special treatment to clean out the fuel injection system at about 35,000 miles. I might add that this cost us $425.00. My wife who is the driver of this car complained to me that the car was still not running smoothly even after the tune up and I confirmed that it is running rough. I put in the POW-R Tune additives on a Saturday morning and the car was not driven until the following Monday when my wife went to work. Tuesday when she came home from work and this would mean that the car now had about fifty additional miles put on since the treatment she commented on how good the car was running and the fact the she caught herself doing 80mph before she realized that traffic was not running slow, that it was she who was running fast. I drove the car the following Saturday and was very pleased at how it performed and still does: we now have over 53,000 miles on the car.

The 1989 Corolla that I drive daily to work was treated about the same time with the same amount of miles about 35,000 and now has about 55,000 miles on it. I know that somewhere along the line I was supposed to have a tune up. I have a set of plugs ready to put in but the car is running so well, it starts with just a touch of the key and gets 35mpg plus on the highway. Why fix what isn’t broke? I may eat my words later, I’ll have to wait and see. All I can say is this car runs GREAT!

Out third auto is 1979 Chevy Van. It was running rough with a lot of engine noise before I treated it. I treated it and just let it idle and warm up while I cut our back and front lawns. In the process of an hour I made many trips passing the van as it set idling. With each pass I could not help but notice how much quieter it was running and to this day after several long vacation trips, it runs better, quieter and is easier to start each time I use it.

My daughter in-law had a 1976 (early Z model) Datsun with over 100,000 miles on it. My son and I treated this car after letting it warm up. We noted the RPM on the tachometer and took about a ten mile spin. When we returned, the tachometer was reading a gain of 150 RPM and the idle had to be re-adjusted. My son drives a 1986 Mazda which we treated. In 20 minutes of idling, the tachometer indicated a 50 RPM gain.

None of the above vehicles were given the special carburetor treatment of pouring one third of a can of gas additive through the carburetor. We took the lazy way out and just put the additive into the gas tank.

I recommended POW-R Tune to a friend, and the treatment fixed his gas gauge, which hadn’t worked in several years!

I have no problem in passing smog inspections and am extremely happy with the performance of my vehicles. This product is just amazing, and it keeps our vehicles operating properly. We will continue to use this treatment at each 3,000 mile oil change.



The smog test results on my 1989 Toyota Corolla look really good, and I believe POW-R Tune is the reason for the great results.



It’s been just over a year and about 32,000 miles since I purchased my first can of POW-R Tune. I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation because without it I would most likely been talked into replacing my engine. I will never drive one of my cars without POW-R Tune in the oil.

In February 2009 I brought my van into Cross Roads Auto Center in Oakdale because the “low oil pressure” indicator light was coming on intermittently. I was told by the owner that I could probably get away with just replacing the oil pump, but would likely have to replace the main bearings. In which case, he recommended just replacing the whole engine which would cost around $4500. I chose to just replace the oil pump for $845 and waited to take care of the engine, if necessary. Replacing the oil pump did not solve the problem, but I couldn’t afford to replace the engine, so the car sat in my driveway for about a month. That is about when I stopped by your store for gas and shared my dilemma with you.

After hearing nearly miraculous stories of what POW-R Tune had done for your other customers, I figured I had nothing to lose. I followed your advice and after a short while of running the engine at idle with the POW-R Tune, miraculously the “low oil pressure” indicator turned off – permanently.

After the light had turned off, I ran the engine some more and then changed the oil and added a new can of POW-R Tune, as you suggested. Then, I very cautiously drove the vehicle to another shop to have the system pressure tested. No trouble was found. I continued to drive it cautiously until I felt comfortable that nothing serious was wrong. Then, I decided to accelerate quickly and took the engine smoothly up to about 5000 RPM before shifting into overdrive. I amazed, it literally felt like a new engine.

Thanks to your advice and POW-R Tune, I have saved thousands of dollars in repair bills. With every oil change, on each vehicle I own, I add that little miracle in a can, POW-R Tune.

Thanks for the great advice and a great product!