To best protect yourself we've listed some steps you should take to avoid unauthorized fuel usage on your company's fuel cards.

  1. ** DO NOT WRITE THE PIN NUMBER ON THE CARD ** This is the best way to prevent fuel theft. Just like an ATM card, your fuel cards are useless without the PIN number. For your convenience, custom PIN numbers are available on request.
  2. Assign cards to drivers and not vehicles. Doing this will hold somebody accountable in the event of fuel theft.
  3. Use a two card system. This method uses two cards, one for the driver and one for the vehicle. Both cards must be authorized before fueling can begin. Two card systems allow the driver to carry a card while keeping the vehicle card safely in an authorized vehicle.
  4. Periodically request a valid list of fuel cards for reconciliation.
  5. Take advantage of CFN Security Features such as:
    • Daily transaction limits
    • Gallons limits per transaction
    • Limit fueling to business hours / days
    • Restrict the type of fuel your driver can obtain
    • Use the online features to review and manage your fueling transactions

With the rising fuel prices, fuel theft is increasing. To best protect yourself, use the above tips to take advantage of, and stay in control of your fleet fueling needs.

To discuss ways to improve your card security or to request a valid card list please contact our office. We're here to help you stay in control of your fleet!

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