POW-R TUNE Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner is recommended for use in diesel and gasoline to neutralize the corrosive effects of engine acids created during the combustion process. The formula is different than any other product on the market in that it cleans out power-robbing gum, varnish and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and fuel injectors. It also acts as a top lubricant to the valves and upper rings. Continued use of POW-R TUNE Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner keeps harmful deposits from redepositing elsewhere in the fuel system.

  • Removes gum and varnish
  • Cleans injectors & intake deposits
  • Cleans PCV valve
  • Frees automatic choke and valve lifters
  • Increases power and fuel mileage
  • Smooths out rough running engines
  • Lubricates fuel pump and upper cylinders
  • Reduces exhaust smoke and emissions

DIRECTIONS: Add to gasoline or diesel fuel every 700 - 1500 miles or when engine is not giving top performance using the following fuel capacity treatment rates:

Gasoline Tanks Diesel Tanks Bulk Storage
8 oz to 15-25 gallons 8 oz to 10-20 gallons 1 gal to 1,000 gallons
2 & 4 Cycle Air Cooled Engines
Pour ½ to 1 oz. into the small fuel tank for 4 cycle engines. Add 1 oz. to each gallon of regular fuel mix for 2 cycle engines

For additional benefits add POW-R TUNE Oil Treatment to the crank case oil with every oil change and follow your vehicle manufacturers recommended oil change and tune-up intervals.

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