• Increases fuel mileage • Reduces emissions  
• Reduces exhaust smoke • Doubles oil life
• Improves fuel combustion • Increases horsepower
• Increases engine life • Reduced maintenance costs
• Reduces oil consumption • Frees sticky lifters

     Power Tune Oil Treatment and Power Tune Fuel and Injector Cleaner forms an unbeatable duo that no engine should be without. These products were developed in order to aid mechanics and vehicle owners alike. Their unique blend provides a myriad of benefits that are currently unbeatable.

     The exclusive and unmatched blend of products in our Power Tune Oil Treatment “PTO” successfully aid in suspending harmful gums, varnishes, and carbon deposits that form in engines. The premium blends used in “PTO” work by penetrating through the surface of power robbing contaminants, in your engine. “PTO” places these contaminants in suspension, in your oil, until they reach your filter where they are contained until you change your filter.

     “But how can this be you may ask?” “Isn't your filter supposed to remove contaminants?” The answer is most definitely yes, but filters, although excellently designed, can only remove dirt and contaminants from the oil that travel through them. Since sludge and gums adhere to metal and are not dislodged merely by the flow of oil and its additives they tend to remain unscathed. In order to remove these unwanted byproducts of friction and engine malfunctions “PTO” acts, in essence, like medication that removes cholesterol from clogged arteries and also lubricates in order to prevent further clotting.

     In addition to “PTO”, Power Tune Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner works throughout your fuel delivery system and combustion chambers. Problems arise when engine acids are formed and left unchecked. These caustic acids are formed when fuel, water moisture and or oil byproducts interact during the combustion processes and can become very corrosive if not treated properly. The products in “PTF” effectively neutralize the corrosive effects of the engine acids created during the combustion of fuels. “PTF” reduces the occurrence of costly repairs by cleaning and removing harmful carbon deposits from the fuel injectors and combustion chambers, allowing your vehicle to become a truly effective machine.

     The greatest bonus that you and your customers receive by choosing POW-R TUNE PRODUCTS is that you are guaranteed to see, hear, and feel your engine start easier – run smoother – and sound quieter. All this leads to longer engine life with the added benefit of less maintenance expenses.


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