FuelSaver Calculator

A managed fuel program can help you save time and money and gain control over the way you fuel your vehicles. In fact, you can save more than 15% a month off your overall fuel management costs.

Determine your potential savings.

Just complete the information below to determine your potential savings.

Minutes drivers spend per week on receipts    General Calculations  
(our research has found the average is 10 minutes)   Estimated Annual Fuel Cost:
Cost to process each receipt Estimated number of receipts process annually     
(our research has found the average cost to be $0.50)   Annual cost to process receipts
Average price of fuel per gallon Estimated annual "Slippage":
Number of vehicles Total driver hours spent each year on receipts
Average # of fill-ups per vehicle per week Annual cost to reimburse drivers for receipts  
Average # of gallons to fill up a vehicle Total yearly fueling expense:
Estimated % of "Slippage": Savings Calculations  
Average driver hourly wage: Total Fleet Savings

Automatic recalculation 

Slippage is unauthorized fueling/purchases. The average is between 10% and 15%.

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