Elmer and Irene Kludt started their careers in the petroleum industry in the late 1950s by operating a Richfield Service Station on West Lockeford St. in Lodi, California.

They made their home on a small ranch out on East Kettleman Lane which in those days was quite a ways out in the country. Elmer and Irene have raised four healthy children on that ranch; Stephen, Lynn, Richard, and Gail.

Elmer was an aspiring businessman and Irene was a diligent bookkeeper. It wasn't very long before this pair had acquired the Signal Oil Distributorship in 1962.
They began to deliver fuel to approximately two hundred customers who for the most part were farm accounts with the exception of the Claude C. Wood Company who regularly purchased large amounts of oils and fuel.

In 1967 Humble Oil & Refining Company purchased the Signal Oil Company and Elmer became this area's Enco Products Distributor. In 1971, Elmer became a Douglas Oil "jobber" and the Kludt's moved to the Douglas Oil Company located at 900 S. Cherokee Lane in Lodi.

Elmer and Irene’s oldest son Stephen began working full-time in the family business after graduating from Fresno State College in 1972. Today he holds the position of Company President. Richard, the younger son began working full-time in the business in 1976 after attending Delta Junior College. Today Richard holds the position of Vice President and Treasurer.

In October 1984, E. F. Kludt & Sons, Inc. moved to their newly constructed bulk plant and CFN Cardlock Facility located at 1126 E. Pine Street in Lodi. The corporation presently employs eleven full-time employees.

Today, E. F. Kludt & Sons, Inc. continues to service approximately 1700 bulk delivery and retail cardlock customers. In the year 2004, these customers purchased 7 million gallons of fuel and 100,000 gallons of lubricants



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